capocollo affettatoVisitors will enjoy delicious local meat at the butchers’ where you can eat “carne al fornello” (bombette, salsiccia, gnumaridde and so on); they will also be delighted by dairy products (mozzarella, caciocavallo, stracciatella and many more) obtained from processing the milk collected by the surrounding farms.

But, certainly it is the “Capocollo” the outstanding product that best represents the old salami making craftsmanship, which dates back to the 18th century and was largely appreciated in the Kingdom of Naples. It is made with first quality meat, it holds the intense scent and delicate tastes of the territory of Valle d’Itria. The Capocollo of Martina Franca is “Presidio Slow Food”. Among the rich, various types of gastronomic specialities are to be mentioned: “frise”, “taralli”, “focacce”, “pasta fresca” such as “orecchiette” and the dishes of the tradition, once poor, now a deli, such as “fave e cicorie”.